AI Learning

18 May 2023 11:32 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • To read/watch
      • Transformer papers
      • Workshop on AI and the Barrier of Meaning
        • Josh Tenenbaum
          • Human is not the asymptote of scaling an ML process
          • Bayesian PP advocacy. Yay.
          • Ref: Concepts in a Probabalistic Language of Thought, Goodman, Tenenbaum et al
          • image.png
        • Anna Rogers, computational linguist
          • bailed, seemed boring
        • Blaise Aguery y Arcas
          • maximum entropy, active inference hypothesis, both suggest that intelligence is in fact text token prediction
          • image.png
          • JEHS is "a dear friend". Some digs at Gary Marcus. Back to McCulloch-Pitts
          • ref An error limit for the evolution of language, Nowak, Krakauer et al
          • Embodiment: he seems skeptical
          • Ref: Looped Transformers as Programmable Computers, Giannou et al
          • He thinks people are "pretty much sequence models" but acknowledges that's a rare opinion.
          • Talk about agency image.png
          • Social dynamics means theory of mind therefore modeling self (yes this is obvious but rarely said) Robin Dunbar on higher-order therories of mind. image.png
        • Anna Ivanova, MIT, Language Understanding goes beyond language processing
        • Tal Linzen, Language models could learn semantics (NYU, Google)
          • boring
      • Sparks of AGI: Early experiments with GPT-4 (Bubeck)
      • Hofstadter paper that Josh Tenebaum talked about (Is there an "I" in AI, April 2023) (can't find it)
      • Building machines that learn and think like people (Lake, Tenenbaum)