The Extended Mind

18 Sep 2022 09:54 - 20 Sep 2022 10:13
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    • book by Annie Murphy Paul, in the pop-science self-help mode, not to be confused with the similarly titled Andy Clark book which I also should read. Subtitle: "The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain" ok.
    • That's where this book comes in: it aims to operationalize the extended mind, to turn this philosophical sally into something practically useful. (p15)
    • Surveying the field: embodied cognition, situated cognition, distributed cognition. Cites Andy Clark. Gros, Philosophy of Walking
    • p8 defines growth mindset as the idea intelligence can be incrementally improved, is that really accurate? I suppose. Also touches on "grit", my god, all the recently-popular cliches are here.
    • brain as muscle, also various exercise programs