Is Technology Magic?

24 Jan 2024 05:37 - 24 Jan 2024 06:29
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    • Max Read: it's all interest rates, putting pressure on software industry, moving it from frothy startups to centralized big government-like projects.
    • Ganz: SV has never really been a business, more of an avant-garde, sometimes left, sometimes right
    • Max Read cites Whole Earth Catalog and Fredrick Turner, SVs particular hippie libertarianism. Brand likes the turmoil of the market, Thiel and others not so much. (His dad was a CQ subscriber, man, I feel old). Engineering, tinkering, autodidact mindset (for better and worse).
    • Burton: The Mage stance, Chaos magick and Crowley etc. Big in SV underground. Appeals to the sense that we are elites who can shape reality. Nietzsche, power, memes as embodiments of power. SB and "We are as gods".
    • Ganz: Lord of the Rings mentality. Some people have powers, others don't.
    • Magic appeals to those with no power, but also to those with to justify and "rationalize" it.
    • meme magic for the terminally online.
    • Burton: "techno-vitalists" if we are in a Jamesian pragmatist universe. Functionalism, because nothing is real.G
    • Ganz: machinery, race, magic, all somehow related.