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Pretentious Book Club

21 Jul 2021 09:32 - 21 Jul 2021 09:32

    • Some years and several jobs ago, some of my cow-orkers and I formed a book club for reading works of fiction that were:
      • high literary value
      • difficult
      • of a certain nerdy cast
    • While trying to avoid the obvious SF and fantasy that is the staple fiction diet of computer people. Hard exactly to say what "nerdy" means in this context; something like "involving elaborate formal systems or structure that require some effort to decode". We knew it when we saw it!
    • The club was a success, and we actually helped get each other through some challenging stuff. Unfortunately the company and the club fell apart; I've since dreamed of reviving it but mostly have had to do my pretentiousness solo in recent years.
    • Potential books

      • Gravity's Rainbow or other Pynchon
      • The Book of the New Sun (Gene Wolfe)
      • Gold Bug Variations or other Richard Powers
      • Pale Fire