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from swarming
  • Bruce Sterling Distraction opens with a swarming attack (not super-relevant to the rest of the book though)
from Bruce Sterling
  • I recently reread and have been recommending his 1998 novel Distraction.
from quarantine reading 2020
from The Ministry for the Future
  • I'm comparing it (somewhat unfairly) to another work of near-future SF I read recently, Distraction by Bruce Sterling, where climate change was present but was just one factor in a general sense of low-key societal collapse, and the characters work through the political process of trying to get things done and rebuild more workable institutions. The Sterling book was more fun and a lot more character-centric, and their struggles were imagined from within the situation, whereas something about The Ministry for the Future seems written from an abstract, outside-the-system perspective, and so somewhat lifeless.
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