11 Mar 2023 03:24 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • Act 1 Scene 1 – the Witches
      • fair is foul and foul is fair
    • Act 1 Scene 2 - Duncan
      • the broil, I love that phrase
    • Act 1 Scene 3 - Macbeth meets the Witches
      • so foul and fair a day I have not seen – obvious echo of the witches, but what does it mean?
      • Banquo: If you can look into the seeds of time  And say which grain will grow and which will not,  Speak, then, to me, who neither beg nor fear  Your favors nor your hate.
      • Witches: Lesser than Macbeth and greater, Not so happy, yet much happier.
      • The rhythm of paired opposites...
      • Macbeth: My thought, whose murder yet is but fantastical,  Shakes so my single state of man  That function is smothered in surmise, And nothing is but what is not.
      • Hm, that sounds JFM-significant, doesn't it.
    • Scene 4
      • DUNCAN   There’s no art  To find the mind’s construction in the face.  He was a gentleman on whom I built  An absolute trust.
      • Immediately, Macbeth enters and the King starts heaping praise and gratitude on him...that is, Duncan is the kind of fool who doesn't learn from his mistakes.