30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 28 Dec 2023 09:05
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    • A mostly-discredited philosophy. Very anti-rationalist, which is why it appeals to me. Well, discredited among scientists, neovitalism is a big thing among philosophers, or was (probably a wave that has crested).
    • Incoming

      • OK tomorrow is job humilation day, but I really need to get off my ass and learn shit.
      • A Short History of Vitalism - Continental Philosophy | Acast (via WS Discord)
        • Vitalism – life come first, reason is secondary. Anti-materialism. anti-mechanical, anti-reductionist.
        • Aristotle roots, 4 causes. de Anima . OK I am not that interested in the fine details of Aristotelianism
        • Lamarck – Bergson as last stand of viralism.
        • Crick and Dawkins trashing vitalism, and long-term telos.
        • Deleuze as radial empiricist, also classically vitalist (?). Ontology is vitalism (?)
        • Well that was what it said on the tin, a brief history, nothing very new to me.
      • From Alien Phenomenology
        • Timothy Morton [in Ecological Thought] rightly calls vitalism a compromise, one that imprecisely projects a living nature onto all things. With this in mind, Morton suggests mesh instead of nature to describe “the interconnectedness of all living and non-living things."
      • “Vitalism has won to the extent that even mechanisms correspond to the time-structure of vitalism; but as have seen, this victory is a complete defeat, for from every point of view which has the slightest relation to morality or religion, the new mechanism is fully as mechanistic as the old ... the whole mechanist-vitalist controversy has been relegated to the limbo of badly posed questions”
        • – Norbert Wiener 1948