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    • A mostly-discredited philosophy. Very anti-rationalist, which is why it appeals to me. Well, discredited among scientists, neovitalism is a big thing among philosophers, or was (probably a wave that has crested).
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      • OK tomorrow is job humilation day, but I really need to get off my ass and learn shit.
      • From Alien Phenomenology
        • Timothy Morton [in Ecological Thought] rightly calls vitalism a compromise, one that imprecisely projects a living nature onto all things. With this in mind, Morton suggests mesh instead of nature to describe “the interconnectedness of all living and non-living things."
      • “Vitalism has won to the extent that even mechanisms correspond to the time-structure of vitalism; but as have seen, this victory is a complete defeat, for from every point of view which has the slightest relation to morality or religion, the new mechanism is fully as mechanistic as the old ... the whole mechanist-vitalist controversy has been relegated to the limbo of badly posed questions”
        • – Norbert Wiener 1948
    • Some pre-AMMDI notes
      • Vitalism: Age of Wonder book p315
        • A group of young writers at U Jena, began to explore Schelling and Naturphilosophie..."science mysticism....the natureal word as a system of invisible powers....replete with spirutal energy or soul...evolutionary vitalist, electircal, idealist ideas all tangled up....appealed ot Novals, Schiller, goethe....atrractions by optimism and reverence for nature... but also constantly teetered on the brink of idiocy. One of its wilder proseletyisers, thee Scandinavian geologist Henrick Steffens, was said to have stated that "The diamond is a piece of carbon that has come to its senses" to which a Scottisch goelogist made the legendary reply: Then a quartz therefore, must be a diamond run mad".
      • In her study of Ross Harrison, Joseph Needham, and Paul Weiss, Crystals, Fabrics, and Fields, Donna Haraway outlined the paradigm shift in biology in which the age-old dichotomy between mechanism and vitalism was reworked. According to Haraway, Vitalism was now seen as part of the mechanistic paradigm rather than opposed to it because both were limited by the same images and metaphors. "
      • Joseph Needham, "Hunting of the Phoenix" (1931)
      • Dawkins' Unweaving the Rainbow?
        • hm, "vitalism" only occurs once, but its in an interesting attack on bad poetry and SJGould
      • Coleridge, Notes Towards a New Theory of life (from The Age of Wonder p321)
        • I must reject fluids and ethers of all kinds, magnetical, electrical, and universal, to whatever quintessential thinness they may be treble-distalled and (as it were) super-substantiated!
      • TREVOR H.LEVERE, Poetry realized in nature
      • The Crisis in Modernism: Bergson and the Vitalist Controversy Edited by: Frederick Burwick,Paul Douglass
      • Brilliant zombies v. vampires piece
      • What's it like to live in a vitalistic world wehre everything is active? Means they might be threats or at minimum be competing for your attention. How do you find a path / a peace in such a world?
      • Hans Driesch, History of Vitalism (at sfpl)
        • raging at mechanism, darwinish, phylogenetics for some reason. (provide 'in-progress) ;;; in-progress ends here. Not very impressed I'm afraid coined "entelechy", "neo-vitalism"? student of Haeckel
        • guess he was most prominent 20thc vitalist after Bergso
      • Lebenskraft (life-power I guess)
      • Mayr, The Autonomy of Biology > Might there not be some sort of machine insdie the harmnious system, on the basis of which all its evolutionary acts occur? Weismann did regard embryolgy in this way...experiments now show that any part of the system, however large...mayb be cut away from it wihtout distrubing proprtionate development. This proves that a "machine" cannot be the basis of harmonious-equipotential differentiation: for a "machine", ie a sepcifi arrangement of phsci-chemical things and agents, does not remain tiself, if you take from it whatever you please, adn the organism...does remain :itself", withe rgard to its morphogenetic faculites, after any operation whatever. THe harmonious system, then, is not a "machine", it is , in fact...a something that is governed by INdividualising Causality. "Entelechy", as a non-mechinaical agent of nature, is at work in hte harmonious-equipotential system. (p210)