Time: A Very Short Introduction

17 Nov 2022 10:21 - 08 Dec 2022 06:36
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    • book by Jennan Ismael
    • Mostly about physics, which I don't care about, I know that stuff.
    • Section on Agency, p76. Wish I could clip this, it was a perfect materialist litany of the birth of the cosmos and the origins of mind. And didn't directly address agency at all.
    • Ch 5 The Time of Human Experience

      • Gives a precis of the Einstein/Henri Bergson debates. Bergson's complaint that the spatialized view of time offered by physics (where time is just a dimension) does not capture the experiential reality of temporal flow.
        • Which is true! I'm not sure why its a debate though; they are different views of the same thing (Bergson's from within, Einstein's from without)