There is No Antimemetics Division

13 Nov 2022 09:47 - 05 Aug 2023 05:08
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    • book spun off from the SCP Foundation:
      • a collaborative writing site based around the premise that… in essence, magic is real. It's not exactly like the traditional fantasy style magic you've come to know, but that's the best way we can describe the stuff we have here - Anomalies; items and critters that do not follow the rules of nature as we know them.
    • The conceit is awfully close to Laundry Files, wonder who was copying who or they just converged. Anyway interesting textual experiment. The book is well-written but a bit over-the-top, as the protagonists battle memetic hazards that are so all-powerful they are quite literally inconceivable. The SCP Foundation has the impossible job of protecting humanity against threats that are both invisible and extremely powerful.
    • Also some similarity with the Southern Reach trilogy, esp the middle book Authority which is about a government bureaucracy trying to understand something that actively resists understanding.