Road To Unfreedom

09 May 2022 10:25 - 09 May 2022 11:21
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    • Ch 1 Individualism or Totalitarianism
      • The politics of inevitability is the idea that there are no ideas
      • By which he sort of means, no choices, no historical agency.
      • The capitalist version of the politics of inevitability, the market as a substitute for policy, generates economic inequality that undermines belief in progress. As social mobility halts, inevitability gives way to eternity, and democracy gives way to oligarchy.
      • That is a pretty strong critique of capitalism, not sure why Ziva would be pissed...maybe when he gets to communism.
      • A lot about Ivan Ilyin, an important fascist philosopher that I don't think I know anything about.
        • Mentions EM Cioran's Fall Into Time (not by name)
        • Radically anti-individualist, anti-middle-class society
        • Interesting bit on the philosopher/nation as the exception, the one innocent thing in a world of corruption.
      • Ilyin and the Marxism he opposed shared a philosophical origin and language: that of Hegelianism.
      • maybe that's what triggered Z