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  • Are cryptocurrencies hyperstitions?

    • I mean, they are perhaps more than that, but they certainly meet the basic definition – a mere idea that somehow acts to bring about its own reality. Hm, this seems like a kind of obvious idea but I can't turn up anything making the connection explicitly. Maybe it's too obvious.
    • OK this guy gets it
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    • Cryptocurrency, the Jews, and the Fundamental Question of Trust - Tablet Magazine
      • For millennia, this is all “decentralization” meant—agitated daydreams about a world without hierarchies of power, like the kind Dostoevsky mocks in Demons. Except in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto found a way of phrasing the consensus problem where a decentralized answer was possible, a corner of the world where, under his perfect circumstances, power hierarchies didn’t have to exist