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  • Works of art as autonomous wholes. OK. To the extent that anything is an autonomous whole, why should an artwork not be one. Recalls Sloterdijk's description of Rilke's poem in You Must Change Your Life, which is about an artwork being not only agentic but godlike, commanding and demanding something from the viewer.
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  • Sloterdijk made a good crack (in You Must Change Your Life) about small-r rationalists; he called them "the Amish of postmodernism". Of course if that metaphor holds, then I should leave them alone to their quaint and deeply held beliefs, which might end up being superior to the mainstream for long-term survivability.
from Mastery of Non-Mastery in the Age of Meltdown
  • Every so often I randomly stumble on a book or author that is simply just way out there, at least, relative to my ordinary ways of thinking. Books that I am barely qualified to read, let alone understand and internalize. Books that seem sui generis, not really about any particular field of study, but somehow about themselves and hence about the fundamental nature of being itself. A few years ago it was Peter Sloterdijk's You Must Change Your Life, which I'm still trying to write something about. Before that, I suppose Finite and Infinite Games might also be in this category. Maybe High Weirdness as well.
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  • Distinction between philosophy as question-answering and philosophy aimed at transformation of the disciple (recalls You Must Change Your Life )
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You Must Change Your Life

09 Jan 2021 01:15 - 01 Jan 2022 07:48

    • Peter Sloterdijk՚s book You Must Change Your Life, is a radical work of philosophy which puts self-improvement and its accompanying techniques at the very center of human culture and existence. It's not a self-help book by any stretch of the imagination, more like an exploration of the idea of self-work in history, in art, religion, and culture.
    • I will show that a return to religion is as impossible as a return of religion – for the simple reason that no ‘religion’ or ‘religions’ exist, only misunderstood spiritual regimens, whether these are practised in collectives – usually church, ordo, umma, sangha – or in customized forms – through interaction with the ‘personal God’ with whom the citizens of modernity are privately insured. Thus the tiresome distinction between ‘true religion’ and superstition loses its meaning. There are only regimens that are more and less capable and worthy of propagation.
      • Sloterdijk, Peter. You Must Change Your Life (p. 3). Wiley. Kindle Edition.
    • Sloterdijk՚s anthropotechnics: techniques and practices dedicated to their own improvement.
    • This includes the obvious religious practices like meditation and yoga, but also more physical forms training as found in athletics and acrobatics.
    • Sloterdijk is performing what we in the software trade call a refactoring, that is, a redrawing of the modular divisions of reality, finding new abstract commonalities between things previously thought to be disparate – and vice-versa. In the present case, the new major factor is called variously practice or training of all types – physical, intellectual, spiritual, all under the umbrella of the more general anthropotechnics, that is, the art and science of creating humans. Sloterdijk sees this kind of activity this as the origin and foundation of culture in general.