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  • One curious thing: "embedded cognition" sounds similar to "embodied cognition" and the two terms are often linked (see 4E cognition). But they are not quite the same thing, and in this essay the body makes no appearance whatsoever. In fact they seem to lead in opposite directions; embeddedness seems to generate complexity; while embodiment suggests models of cognition that are actually simpler.
from Francisco Varela
  • This is kind of a skeleton key to 4E cognition jargon! Useful!
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from LWMap/Embedded Agency
  • Situated Action had some impact, leading to the newer subfields of 4E cognition but obviously did not completely succeed in its effort to revolutionize AI, because the kind of stuff here is exactly what it was trying to get rid of. From its standpoint, this is just adding layers of epicycles to something that already was collapsing under the weight of its own complexity and unworkability.
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4E cognition

21 Jan 2021 04:54 - 01 Jan 2022 07:48

    • embodied, embedded, enactive, and extended! These are somewhat different but related alternatives to the classical (rationalist) models of cognition.
    • My impression is that this was an academically hot topic around 2010, now there exists The Oxford Handbook of 4E Cognition, https://amzn.to/3nQXA5y Which indicates to me that it's probably now somewhat stale.