motivational engineering

04 Mar 2023 09:20 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • This should be a thing. And I suppose I should link this from or two agency, I need to explain that this isn't what I'm doing, I'm anti-purpose
    • Malcolm Ocean's Complice and similar sorts of goal-achievement-helping tech from the Rationalist sphere.
    • Advertising
    • Education! I bet there are theories of motivation that world. Minsky noted the importance of goals in ed, how you inherit goals from your teachers (imprimers). Goals and motivation are not quite the same thing though.
      • School as an incredible tech for killing natural curiosity and replacing it with something more socially tractable.
    • I suppose there are good and evil versions of this.
      • Evil being the most common of course. Everything capitalism uses to keep workers working and consumers consuming.
      • Good is more self-oriented, you work on yourself, discovering and tuning what you really want and how to get it (assuming that "what you really want" is coherent and good)
    • Art and Magic have their own obscure theories of motivation. Obscure to me, I'm interested in understanding them better.
    • Relevant of course to AI Alignment.
    • Freudian and derivative theories that say this is impossible, or at least problematic. Our real motivations are illegible to us.