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from Call Congress
from reaper
  • A shell command hack to quickly kill off all the unnecessary browser tabs one accumulates.
from Noodge
  • unrealized hack Realized the real cultural referent for this would be Mr. Meesix from Rick and Morty...
    • OK that gives me a new vision – say its a magic Logseq page where every block gets agentified. Would have to be off to the side somehow, but that's OK.
    • Oh man and chatGPT ify them. Fuck. There must be a dozen companies doing something like this, I bet.
    • Um wait no this is the opposite really. A Mr Meesix does what you tell it, we are making agents that will tell YOU what to do.
    • I believe this will have the problem of all to-do lists and time management systems (for me) – I can't stick to them. Hm – or – design with my idionsyncracies in mind. I mean, there are ways to get me to do things, what are they?
      • Note that there is an inherent Ainslie-ish dynamic, like, if it was easy to have persistent goals we'd already be doing it.
    • How is this actually going to work? Take a goal that I don't really want to to do, but know I should. Lots of learning goals are like this, and it never works for me, I resist. How is Noodge going to fix that?
from Enflame
  • Enflame is a visual query builder for a scientific graph knowledge base, using a Scratch-like blocks user interface. Developed by me under the auspices of the Parker Institute. hack
from BioBike VPL
  • Unlike every other hack on this site, I didn't actually do much of the coding for the VPL; just pushed the vision forward.
from SmartTables
  • This hack was a system I built while working in the SRI Bioinformatics Group. A working example of a "knowledge spreadsheet", which just means a spreadsheet-like interface that can do semantic or relational computations.
from The Ultimate Lesson
  • A dumb hack I did as a teenager, but if I had been more savvy. I could have packaged it as high art perhaps. It has shades of Borges' Library of Babel, and maybe Arthur Ganson's Machine With Concrete
from Librium
  • A Chrome extension hack to add links to Sci-hub and libgen on any web page.
from Pacifica Police Incidents
  • A hack that I made with a neighbor, to put our local police blotter in a more convenient framework (he was suffering from problems with car breakins, but that's not a very good reason; this was mostly for the sheer pleasure of hacking).
from Vaguely
  • Vaguely is a tool/hack for exploratory data visualization, based on Vega-Lite, "a high-level grammar of interactive graphics". Vaguely is a partial translation of that grammar into a Scratch-like blocks interface, making it easier to experiment with different visualizations.
from Twin Pages
from Publishing Twitter Archives
from ctrace
from About the Author
  • Maker of software, see hacks
from embobulator
from The Electric Anthill
  • I did this as kind of a hack, I thought it would be a goof to have my software running in an art exhibit. Since then I've come to have a lot of respect for actual artists, who have actual artistic goals they are pursuing. I'm not sure if I did.
from Paste Markdown Link
  • A Roam hack for MacOS that lets you conveniently paste a browser link into Roam, Logseq, or other Markdown-syntax editor.
from RoamAway
  • Internally, this is some code from Goddinpotty packaged up with its own workflow and UI. A hack !
from historian
  • hack for setting up a git repo to automatically save changes.


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    • Various Hacks

    • When I'm not pretentiously writing about the Mysteries of Being, I write software. This is sort of a master page for software I've designed and built. Check the side column for real contents. EntryPoint
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      • OK I just invented this, it doesn't work yet – the idea is that this tag puts the incoming links section inline.
    • Meta

      • This page wants to be called both "hacks" (descriptive) and "hack" (to use as a link/tab from natural text). Roam doesn't let you do that easily, one of its most annoying misfeatures.
      • I'm also starting to get annoyed at myself for introducing this term as a formal tag. A good hack does not need to call itself one, and I feel like I'm shoehorning all sorts of projects under that label for my own convenience, and doing some damage to its semantics in the process.
      • However, these all do have something in common, which is that I did them mainly on my own initiative, whether or not they were part of a paying job. That makes them seem like hacks in a nontechnical dimension, simultaneously creating something and getting away with something.