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from Discordianism
  • I suppose Discordianism was my first exposure to nondualism.
from Vimalakirti Sutra
  • On nonduality

    • The bodhisattva Srigandha declared, “ I and ‘mine’ are two. If there is no presumption of a self, there will be no possessiveness. Thus, the absence of pre­sumption is the entrance into nonduality.”
    • The bodhisattva Suddhadhimukti declared, “To say, ‘This is happiness’ and ‘That is misery’ is dualism. One who is free of all calculations, through the ex­treme purity of gnosis—his mind is aloof, like empty space; and thus he enters into nonduality.”
    • The bodhisattva Nariyana declared, “To say, ‘This is mundane’ and ‘That is transcendental’ is dualism. This world has the nature of voidness, so there is neither transcendence nor involvement, neither progress nor standstill. Thus, neither to transcend nor to be involved, neither to go nor to stop— this is the entrance into nonduality.”
    • The bodhisattva Satyarata declared, “It is dualistic to speak of ‘true’ and ‘false.’ When one sees truly, one does not ever see any truth, so how could one see falsehood? Why? One does not see with the physical eye, one sees with the eye of wisdom. And with the wisdom-eye one sees only insofar as there is neither sight nor nonsight. There, where there is neither sight nor nonsight, is the entrance into nonduality.”
    • There are around 50 of these passages, all having a similar structure. Not just listing dualisms but what is required to overcome them (yes that itself is dualistic).
from alchemical marriage
  • Hm, not exactly. Philosophy is relatively stupid, it wants to choose one of the members of the pair and declare it the winner, more ultimate, more ruling than the other. This stuff is better, its closer to nondualism in a way, it somehow acknowledges that the distinction is largely a fiction, and this is one of the ways of representing the fiction.
from pantheism
  • AFAICT pantheism is a special case of nondualism, and as such you would expect it to be something both impossible to grasp and also glaringly obvious, something we already know.
from dumbbell theory
from against dualism
  • That is, mind/body dualism and related philosophical confusions, not duality as such (for that, see nondualism ). This is a founding myth of Western thought and possibly all thought, but it's wrong wrong. Very hard to see past it. Computation and cybernetics were supposed to get us beyond dualism but for the most part just replicated the mind/body distinction in software/hardware.


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      • – from Vimalakirti Sutra which has a whole chapter devoted to declarations like the above.
      • “Nonduality” (advayatva) = “Middle Path” (madhyamapratipat) = freedom from extremes of being and nothingness (antadvayavivarjita). For numerous references, see Lamotte, pp. 301-302, n. 1.