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from wireheading
  • A futuristic hypothetical form of addiction, in the form of some kind of neural technology. That is, it does what opiates do, but more faster and more thoroughly. And, even more permanently, it's an even harder addiction to break so very few people do.
from Infinite Jest
  • One central topic of the book is addiction and hence agency The title refers to a video that causes anybody who watches it to lose interest in anything besides the video itself.
from LWMap/Coherence Arguments Do Not Imply Goal Directed Behavior
  • Humans are subject to inconsistent judgements (eg in the classic Trolley problem). Human desires are often at war with each other (eg in cases of akrasia or addiction). George Ainslie
from William Burroughs
  • author and Beat icon. Heroin addict and wrote a lot about the process of addiction. Obsessed with the idea of mind control, conspiracy theory and other agency related topics.


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