Infinite Jest

30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 16 Dec 2022 12:22
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    • book, not just any book but the defining novel of a certain time and sensibility. I used to live in the area of Boston (Allston/Brighton) where the Enfield Tennis Academy was supposed to be, and many other of my Boston haunts appear, including the MIT Student Center (“gutted with C4 during the so-called MIT Language Riots of twelve years past”).
    • Subsidized Time is concocted by newly-elected president Johnny Gentle as a way to bring America out of a recession. Inspired by the Chinese Zodiac calendar, Subsidized Time is a way to monetize one of the most ubiquitous things around - the...
    • One central topic of the book is addiction and hence agency The title refers to a video that causes anybody who watches it to lose interest in anything besides the video itself.
    • The literary descendent of Holden Caulfield is Hal Incandenza of the quintessential postmodern novel Infinite Jest. There, the need to question authenticity has grown into a pervasive irony and basically destroyed any ability to communicate whatsoever.