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from Weird Studies/Nura course
  • To Land and Burroughs the Old Ones are the good guys (chaotic, opposed to The One and The Law).
from Stances, a Catalog
from Portugese Mooch
  • A William Burroughs routine featuring a degraded, rageful, contemptuos character of the same name.
from Weird Studies/Request List
  • The Black Rider, Tom Waits/Burroughs/Robert Wilson
    • Or the entire Waits oeuvre come to think of it. But TBR would make a great episode. There's been at least one Burroughs episode Weird Studies/Naked Lunch
from The Director
from The Prisoner
from Weird Studies/Naked Lunch
  • More about the film than the Burroughs novel.
from writing
from block universe
  • William Burroughs called this "the prerecorded universe" and viewed himself as fighting a war against the very idea.

William Burroughs

30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 11 Dec 2022 08:59
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    • author and Beat icon. Heroin addict and wrote a lot about the process of addiction. Obsessed with the idea of mind control, conspiracy theory and other agency related topics.
    • Language is a virus from outer space
      • The Ticket That Exploded
    • Opium is profane and quantitative like money.
      • Naked Lunch
    • Beauty is always doomed. "The evil and armed draw near." Homo sap with his weapons, his time, his insatiable greed, and ignorance so hideous it can never see its own face."Justlet me club down some seal pups, cut an Injun's hands off, bum a Nigra's balls off and watch 'em pop, then we'll all feel a lot better." These are unsightly tricks. "Whaddaya think this is, a beauty contest?" A lemur frisks toward the man, and he slashes it viciously, leaves it bleeding, sobbing, dying. ''Try and bite me, will you . . . fucking animals!" Man was born in time. He lives and dies in time. Wherever he goes, he takes time with him and imposes time.
      • – Ghost Lemurs of Madagascar