Robert Anton Wilson

07 Nov 2021 04:16 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • Co-author of Illuminatus! and one of the subjects of High Weirdness. A garage-philosopher who advocated epistemological pluralism and skepticism. He described his goal as:
    • to try to get people into a state of generalized agnosticism, not agnosticism about God alone but agnosticism about everything.
    • He was a big influence on me, I think I encountered Illuminatus at the end of high school (so around 1975), very eye-opening. Today when everybody is post-postmodern some of his stuff might seem crude or naive or obvious, but it certainly wasn't at the time, at least for me.
    • Guerrilla Ontology

      • The basic technique of all of my books. Ontology is the study of being; the guerrilla approach is to so mix the elements of each book that the reader must decide on each page 'How much of this is real and how much is a put-on? – The Illuminati Papers
    • I just saw the fantastic Everything Everywhere All at Once which was a truly brilliant variation on multiverse themes, and remembered that I think I'd first encountered the trope in RAW's Schrödinger's Cat trilogy.
    • Random Links

      • A critical take from SlateStarCodex Against Anton-Wilsonism exactly what you would expect, ho hum, but worth it for this comment from Hagbard Celine:
        • The chairman of the Central Military Committee of the Illuminated People’s Republic of Discordia today issued a statement affirming that the Less Wrong conceptual imperialists and their lapdog “Scott Alexander” will bitterly rue the day they set out to challenge the might of the IPRD. Their foolish effrontery knows no limits, but the Discordian masses, steadfastly holding to the line of Timothylearyist-Antonwilsonist thought, will deliver a merciless crushing response.