George Ainslie

30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 25 Sep 2022 05:55
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    • aliases: Ainslie, Breakdown of Will, picoeconomics
    • George Ainslie's Breakdown of Will
    • Are ordinary people really populations of interests rather than something more solid? It’s disturbing to think of yourself as so fluid, so potentially unstable, held together only by the shifting influence of available rewards. It’s like being told that atoms are mostly empty and wondering how they can bear weight. Yet the bargaining of interests in a society can produce highly stable institutions; perhaps that’s also true of the internal interests created by a person’s rewards…these patterns look like familiar properties of personality.
      • – George Ainslie, Breakdown of Will, p 44
    • Just noticed that Breakdown of Will cites JCR Licklider! Small world.
      • On psychophysical models, 1959