Lao Tzu

30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 10 Feb 2024 08:41
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    • Handle a large kingdom with as gentle a touch as if you were cooking a small fish. If you manage people by letting them alone,,,,,, Ghosts of the dead shall not haunt you. Not that there are not ghosts But that their influence becomes propitious In the sound existence of a living man: There is no difference between the quick and the dead, They are one channel of vitality.
    • thus the rule of the sage empties the mind but fills the stomach weakens the will but strengthens the bones
    • Great power, not clinging to power has true power Lesser power, clinging to power lacks true power. Great power, doing nothing, has nothing to do. Lesser power, doing nothing has an end in view.
    • Most people have conscious goals and lofty purposes. I alone am ignorant and uncultured My desires alone are different from those of others Because I value being fed by the Mother