06 Apr 2024 08:57 - 26 Apr 2024 06:52
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    • A theory of education and also of selfhood and epistemology in general. It foregrounds the creative aspect of mind.
    • We are agents who build themselves; that fact is somehow central to our agency.
    • Anti

      • Constructivism is such an appealing idea that I feel compelled to look at its critics and enemies and counterarguments. It is next door to social construction and there are versions of that that are wrong, harmful, stupid. Although it is an appealing theory of education, and certainly one that works for me personally, in general maybe schools work better if they are more structured, less exploratory (I don't actually believe this but am willing to consider that progressive education is usually badly implemented and leads to bad results).
      • It's also a bit daunting. Do I really want to be responsible for myself at every moment? Can't I relax and fuck off? Similarly, can lead to self-importance.