12 Apr 2022 09:33 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • I confess to a rather shallow understanding of this heretical branch of Christianity, or whatever mode of thought the word refers to. They had the idea that the world we perceive is the work not of God but of an evil false god, the demiurge. That's pretty metal. They also have a reputation as hippies who thought early on that Christianity meant a sort of personal divinity and liberation.
    • There seems to be a kind of dualistic polarity between the world (gross, evil, painful. demonic) and the spirit, which is repressed, trapped in a body, oppressed by the world, in need of liberation.
    • This spirit seems to manifest in the WS sphere as a hatred, not of the world per se, but of materialism in its various forms. They see the face of their enemy there.
    • Elsewhere

      • PKD version (a lot of what I know about gnosticism comes filtered through Dick's work)