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  • Maybe we are an unexecuted program, the computer hasn't been turned on, but since the logical structure is the same...that is Tegmarkian (see Mathematical Universe ). Or a posible program that hasn't even been thought of yet (Platonism?). See simulation hypothesis

simulation hypothesis

03 Jan 2023 10:22 - 03 Jan 2023 10:30
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    • The idea that the world we live in is a simulation running on a very large computer, implicitly in an outer and "more real" world.
    • In some sense any kind of determinist, monist, physicalist metaphysics is also a simulation theory. That is, if the cosmos is rule-driven, those rules might be "real" or they might be simulated on a large computer, and as denizens of the cosmos we wouldn't be able to tell the difference, at a deep level there might not be any difference.
    • I have a deep and somewhat anti-intellectual feeling that there is something wrong with all such theories. They contradict our sense of lived experience. Or not contradict exactly, but they place themselves outside of it. I don't trust that move. It is the ultimate in disembodiment.