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from Hyperchaos
from Weird Studies/Bergson
  • Hyperchaos as sort of a pre-instantiated universe from which the actual emerges out of some kind of fluctuation? I don't know, sounded a lot like Boltzmann Brains or Mathematical Universe theorizing, but with a more dramatic philosophical presentation. Add it to list of things I need to read up on.
from Marvin Minsky/Things Not Material
  • Maybe we are an unexecuted program, the computer hasn't been turned on, but since the logical structure is the same...that is Tegmarkian (see Mathematical Universe ). Or a posible program that hasn't even been thought of yet (Platonism?). See simulation hypothesis

Mathematical Universe

05 Aug 2022 05:56 - 15 Jan 2023 05:54
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    • The idea (from Max Tegmark) that physical existence is the same thing as mathematical existence, or IOW that the only thing that exists is mathematical structure, and all mathematical structures exist. So it's a type of multiverse theory.