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  • patarationality emerged on Twitter and disappeared instantly, out of a conversation about postrationalism which is apparently something nobody wants to be.
from nebulosity
  • postrationalism seems to be an effort to re-introduce some nebulosity onto what is still a fundamentally rationalist framework.
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30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 24 Apr 2022 01:07

    • A difficult to define ideology, but literally means people who have moved beyond Rationalism. Meaningness and Ribbonfarm are usually taken to be postrationalist, and I'm close enough to those precincts that it probably means I am too, although in truth I was probably never Rationalist enough to qualify.
    • Several of the essays in LWMap/A Map That Reflects the Territory seem kind of postrationalist, in that they take seriously the importance of modes of thought that are not particularly amenable to reason, like aesthetics and meditation.