30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 31 May 2022 07:56
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    • See monotheism. I don't know that I have anything interesting to say on this extremely boring topic. That is to say, I find fundamentalist atheism (of the kind promulgated by Dawkins and related pop-sci writers) to be as dreary, limited, and wrong-headed as fundamentalist religion.
    • These days I am intrigued by the Alan Moore / God == "God" position. God may or may not "exist" (not even clear what that means) but the idea of God certainly does and plays an active role in human affairs. And to be a fully-equipped human you need to be able to use that kind of language.
    • The modern experiment has been to see if you could get by without it – whether you can drop god-talk and still retain good-talk, that is, any coherent notion of value. My sense is that this is an utterly failed project, and you can see the church of Rationalism as a well-intentioned but quite hopeless attempt to conjure up a full culture based on atheist utilitarianism.
    • I don't see why a man should despair because he doesn't see a beard on his Cosmos. If he believes that he is inside of it, not it inside of him, he knows that consciousness, purpose, significance, and ideals are among its possibilities, and if he surmises in vacuo that those are all finite expressions inadequate to the unimaginable, I see no more ground for despair than when a Catholic says that he does not know the thoughts and purposes of God. It is a fallacy, I think, to look to any theory for motives — we get our motives from our spontaneity — and the business of Philosophy is to show that we are not fools for doing what we want to do.