John Vervaeke

28 Apr 2022 09:37 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • I hear this guy's name everywhere but have no idea what he's about. He seems to be invovled with "The Meaning Crisis" and that's a topic I am sort of allergic to.
    • The Agent in the Arena, John Vervaeke & Jonathan Rowson - YouTube
      • Fundie xian background, left with "taste for the transcendent"
      • synoptic integration is his vision for cogsci
      • he sometimes verges on the supernatural but is a scientist at heart...
      • transjective (?) 4E+Heidegger+Gibson "you know something by conforming to them". Non-propositional knowing, you incorporate other people's perspective, knowing by loving (from plato). Not subjective (Descartes) nor objective in some physio sense, but something else.
      • A different cultural grammar.
      • OK, so far I get he's doing the Heidegetter/sit-act thing but with a somwhat different vocabulary, more Platonism in the mix.
      • relevance is the prototypical transjective thing ...
      • "knowing what it's like to an agent in the arena" --
      • I guess I should watch his talks on The Meaning Crisis, that's what he's famous for.
      • extended naturalism; layered ontology
      • emergence up from matter is exactly the same as emanation downwards (Katz?). He's very excited by the idea that these are somhow equivalent. (around 43:00). Emanation and emergence are not either/or but interlinked, or mutually arising or something. And this is reflected in the late Neoplatonic Christian tradition, Nicolas of Cusa, etc.
        • OK this is relevant and close to what I've been thinking about.
      • Tombstone: no utopia, no nostaliga. We can't forget nominalism, science, postmodernism, we have to go forward. Need responses to those things.
      • A Postmodernist neoplatonism.
      • Spinoza ethics brought neoplatonism to descartes (?)
      • He labels as a non-theist rather than an atheist.
      • Thomas Plant, thin books on neoplatonism and the silk road...
      • Fittedness, which has no final form. No end state (good ending!)