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from High Agency
  • OTOH: this is what Stewart Brand and Whole Earth Catalog were doing: access to tools, we are as gods. He did not use terms like "increased agency" but that was pretty much the core philosophy. Also related to the hacker stance, and to some extent Stoicism.

Hacker Stance

26 Aug 2022 09:25 - 27 Aug 2022 05:26
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    • Systems are fascinating, and it is possible to enter into them, inhabit them, put them to your own purposes.
    • Another aspect: barriers are to be gotten around.
    • Evil as a bug, a flaw to be fixed. A hacker might get angry at some less than optimal feature of a system, but (unlike normal people in the normal course of life), he can turn his curses into direct action.
    • Limitations
      • well, the people who become hackers tend to be deficiently socialized. If you care about systems, you care less about individuals (or at least, think about them less). There's this autistic quality.
    • Opposites
      • frustration, anger, excuse-making