Coen brothers

30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 05 Dec 2022 06:14
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    • nihilism is a common presence in Coen bros movies – implicitly and occasionally explicitly, sometimes defining the mood of the film and sometimes as a sort of comedic or antagonistic presence.
      • A Serious Man (very explicit)
      • No Country for Old Men (Chigurh as a representation of the force of nihilism – "I got here the same way the coin did".)
      • The Big Lebowski (even more explicit – one of the antagonists is a gang of actual nihilists), and it produces one of the greatest lines in movie history.
      • Burn After Reading
      • Hudsucker Proxy
      • Raising Arizona (the vision of the biker)
    • Further reading
      • The Coen Brothers: This book Really Ties the Films Together, Alan Nayman