speculative realism

07 Nov 2021 10:52 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • Speculative Realists and Object-Oriented Ontologists

      • Note: I don't even know enough about these to know if they really deserve to clumped together, or what exactly they have to do with agency, although it's pretty clearly something. I'm a hell of a lot more open to weird philosophy than your average hacker, but this stuff mostly leaves me puzzled and/or stupified.
      • As to why that is, I think there's a very fundamental difference between me and them: when I talk about agency, it's mostly from the standpoint that we live in a foundationally material universe, in which agency is a very interesting and important emergent feature that needs to be explained and explored. These people are coming from a different place; where the foundational level is not matter but something else (Being?) and what needs to be explained is all this dead and stupid matter that Being somehow has to deal with.
      • That is probably an embarrassingly simple-minded take; but it's my best effort at fairly depicting that which I don't really understand.
      • Graham Harman
      • Timothy Morton
        • Hyperobjects
        • Morton, Here Comes Everything
      • Ray Brassier
      • Levi Bryant