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from Marvin Minsky/on Religion
  • The great thing about humans is we can learn from others (mentions attachment theory aka imprimers. Religion is the slot in our brain for imprimers after the parents are gone...so we are built with an instict for someone to tell us what to do.


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    • Social processes are crucial to developing high-level goals, and Marvin has a number of insightful critiques and proposals in this area. Consider a term he coined: imprimers—the people from whom one learns foundational goals and values. These can be parents, teachers, or peers, but in any case they play a key role in learning because the goals they impart serve to focus and drive everything else a mind does.
    • Marvin Minsky term for something roughly like Freud's ego-ideal: someone whom you learn not just facts or skills, but goals and values. People in this role are also those we feel emotional attachment to.
    • Impersonation is a particular learning strategy:
      • When your ideas seem inadequate, remember someone more expert at this, and imagine what that person would do.
      • Myself, I do this frequently, by imitating Imprimers and teachers. (Emotion Machine p227)
      • This strategy also appears in the movie Heist (2001) (written by David Mamet):
        • **D.A. Freccia You're a pretty smart fella. Joe Moore Ah, not that smart. D.A. Freccia : ***[If]  you're not that smart, how'd you figure it out? *Joe Moore : **I tried to imagine a fella smarter than myself. Then I tried to think, "what would he do?"