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    • I felt that if nihilism had its own page than its opposite deserved one as well. Can't say I have a lot to say about it but see monotheism I guess?
    • What Buddhists Believe - Eternalism and Nihilism
      • To develop Right View or Perfect View, we must first be aware of two views which are considered imperfect or wrong.
      • The first view is eternalism. This doctrine or belief is concerned with eternal life or with eternal things. Before the Buddha's time, it was taught that there is an abiding entity which could exist forever, and that man can live the eternal life by preserving the eternal soul in order to be in union with Supreme Being. In Buddhism, this teaching is called *sassata ditthi *
        -the view of eternalists. Such views still exist even in the modern world owing to man's craving for eternity.
      • Why did the Buddha deny the teaching of eternalism? Because when we understand the things of this world as they truly are, we cannot find anything which is permanent or which exists forever. Things change and continue to do so according to the changing conditions on which they depend. When we analyse things into their elements or into reality, we cannot find any abiding entity, any everlasting thing. This is why the eternalist view is considered wrong or false.