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    • The system more or less in which we are enmeshed and live our lives. Kind of a tired word, and the system may be in the process of destroying itself, but it's still the main engine. One reason libertarianism seems so ridiculous is that it fetishizes the already-existing powers, pretending to be revolutionary in the service of that which has already won.
    • Entrepeneurship, the bourgeoise, agency.
    • Magical Capitalism: Enchantment, Spells, and Occult Practices in Contemporary Economies
      • The word “magic” refers to a broad range of beliefs that include animism, charm(s), divination, enchantment, fantasy, fetish, glamour, illusion, miracles, the occult, shamanism, sorcery, spells, the supernatural, superstition,trickery, and witchcraft. In this respect, it is “society casting spells on itself” (Taussig 1980: 136)...anthropologists, as well as the occasional scholar from other disciplines, have suggested that magical practices are alive and well in contemporary industrialized societies, where finance and trade, government gatherings, the law (including intellectual property and trademark law), medicine and health, technology, advertising, marketing, cultural production, and consumption all, at one time or another, operate according to magical premises.