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24 Mar 2023 12:55 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • When we read the ancient accounts of encounters with these Powers, we can only regard them as hallucinations, since they have no real physical referent. Hence we cannot take seriously their own descriptions of these encounters-as long as our very categories of thought are dictated by the myth of materialism. In short, our eyes and minds are themselves captive to a way of seeing and thinking that can only regard such entities as mere fantasies conjured up by the prevailing belief system. It is as impossible for most of us to believe in the real existence of demonic or angelic powers as it is to believe in dragons, or elves, or a flat world. For us the intermediate realm- what Henry Corbin has called the "imaginal" realm-is virtually unknown. We simply do not have categories for thinking of such Powers as real yet unsubstantial, as actual spirits having no existence apart from their concretions in the world of things.
      • From Naming the Powers: The Language of Power in the New Testament (The Powers : Volume One)
    • Not Walter Wink, the other book he was pushing
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      • agency relevant, but I'm fucking tired of the whole schtick honestly.