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  • So this is just a fancy Jungian mystipoo way to say monism? That's no so bad, "monism" sort of implies that we know what the one underlying substance is, a weird Latin phrase emphasizes that underlying level is unknowable. See Taoism I guess.
from Weird Studies/Tarot/Wheel of Fortune
  • I sympathize, I really do, but all my training and biases lead me to a different attitude, let's call it cybernetic monism or weird naturalism. There's only the one world, the natural world, it's physical at its core but it also permits the formation of systems and emergent pheonomena, including minds, meanings, agents and purposes. The universe is following physical law but those laws are fully capable of producing mind (we have an existence proof).
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  • That's interesting. I sort of have it in my head that a monism is obviously better than dualism, just in terms of parsimony. But he's saying the opposite, that any monist view is necessarily annihilating of a necessary difference.


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