How to Meta

03 Jun 2023 08:39 - 13 Dec 2023 10:09
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    • Even sillier title: How to Meta Betta
    • I really defer to Meaningness on this subject. He has seriously studied it, from many angles. Just now I've been reading his stuff on Kegan stage theory, which is precisely about this.
    • The question is, is going meta a skill that can be taught, or perhaps a large set of skills, different for different concrete levels of meta (that is the Kegan view as I understand it).
    • Or – my own divergent view – something that just goes on all the time, it doesn't require special qualifications, everybody is going meta to themselves all the time, its a human thing. We don't have stages, which sound suspiciously like promotions in some organizational hierarchy. But, we can get better, some people get better than others. Mostly we get this through drama – that found in formal narratives like movies and myths, but also the daily drama of socialization, where people put forth their personas and do impro with them..
    • Going meta is a fundamental act of computer system design. Not one usually addressed head on. Design of Design might be an exception. Sort of part of procedural thinking/GOFAI, although that emphasizes different aspects I think. "Thinking about thinking".