Augmentation unconference

30 Oct 2021 02:15 - 16 Dec 2022 12:22
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    • Lightning talks
      • Sara Lim, programming languages as tools for thought
        • She works at Notion and other stuff, entering Berkeley
        • PL as UI
        • Also nothing new, but someone to maybe keep eye on
      • Adam Wiggins
        • Muse: a spatial notetaker for iPads (visual and spatial forward)
        • Metamuse podcast, lots of pointers to other people and projects
        • Lots of crap about career paths and how daring and fringy this crowd is
      • Jungwon Byun
        • Cofounder of ML lab Ot(?)
        • Elicit AI research assisstant
    • Random comments
      • Maier Fenster
        • most note systems are passive: you write. programming languages are active - they search notes, etc. a reactive system might give each note some agency
    • Paul Bricman – semantic spacetimes breakout
      • based on semantic embeddings (eg word2vec)
      • distinction between location-based addressing and content-based addressing
      • gave up
    • Vlad ? Blending programming and
      • He has a thing iroam which embeds observable notebooks in Roam
      • Good demos of Roam programmability; you can access the graph and do stuff...
    • Maier Fenster: Cognitive Workbenches
      • (seems like the most instersting patter at least)
      • quoted venkat
      • Business Model Canvas (never heard of it but ok)