15 Mar 2023 12:35 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
Open in Logseq
    • Problem: hairball maps are useless
    • Solution: actual map, where
      • items have stable location
        • so the thing is actually navigable like a real map
      • things are laid out so they don't overlap
      • links thus de-emphasized, but could highlight on mouseover
    • MVP
      • pages need stable graphic parameters (location, size, maybe color or icon to distinguish)
      • rendering: just 2d shapes. But could extend to fancier graphics someday
      • layout: interesting algorithmic problems, but need to find some minimal solution.
        • force-direction (with tweaks)
        • overlap prevention
      • needs some kind of editing capability, not sure how to do that cheaply (export and import to a drawking program I guess).
      • slack
    • Make graph more dynamic
      • I probably will cut back radius to 1, but that makes it almost useless, all the links are already on the page.
      • Note: nav from graph should also be SPA-like, see above
      • Better yet, allow graph nodes to expand in place on user click.
      • Better yet, get rid of the hairball and have something better (but that's kind of a research project)