08 Mar 2023 12:16 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
Open in Logseq
    • Blocks just live in a single graph database
    • Views are generated from this db on the fly, including private/public decision making
      • Editing view
      • Published views (public / private) etc
    • Hm. Too simple? Seems like I want that kind of ultra-simple infrastructure.
      • Yes. Something that you can build application-level stuff on top of (like Noodge).
    • Issues/submodules
      • Database – ez, just use Datomic or sqlite or something. Object format, ditto. Minimal, run-time extensible.
      • API – should be one and UI should use it. Goal: be able to edit blocks from Emacs or other alterantive if necessary
      • UI – the hard part. Duh.
      • Naming and search – need to be done at a pretty basic level. Some kind of structured or hierarchical namespace I suppose is useful, if annoying.