08 Mar 2022 08:39 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • Mar 8th, 2022
      • Working on getting page hierarchicies handled right. I'm not sure I like this feature, it seems too old-school, why should I have rigid trees alongside my freewheeling graph? But the content is getting way unwieldy and this is a way of imposing some order.
      • How this works:
        • Slashes in page titles are interpreted as directory separators
        • There's code to gather the resultant hierarchies and render them in the side column
        • Because the web is terrible, the output is NOT in subdirectories, that broke every relative link in the output. Instead it writes into a flat output directory with a fake slash character.
      • Created some new hierarchies, for LWMap and Marvin Minsky. Seems like an awkward process and the resulting links don't flow. Oh well. Still a useful kind of structure to have.