• AMMDI is an open-notebook hypertext writing experiment, authored by Mike Travers aka @mtraven. It's a work in progress and some parts are more polished than others. Comments welcome! More.
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04 Feb 2022 07:59 - 24 Apr 2022 01:07

    • DONE Logseq uses different syntax for italics etc.
    • DONE do something with page aliases
      • DONE rewrite old klunky Roam aliases {{alias...}} etc
    • DONE times are completely not working,
      • maybe use .md file times? Seems easy
      • for blocks, could mine git log, but that sounds hard
        • actually blame could do it, couldn't it??? Hm.
        • also autogit is not working any more (fixed I think)
    • DONE git publishing
      • a few more complications than I thought
      • DONE need to put in some linebreaks for git to have any chance
        • OR, is it possible to configure git...hm...looks like not
      • DONE need to eliminate the timestamp on footer, it will make each file gratuitously changed
      • DONE makes more sense now to separate out the map json...especially since map isn't even displayed by default!
        • TODO should have the same info on a special about page, just for grins
    • DONE Use git for incremental deploy, will speed up as well as make a record of changes.
    • specifically, the screen blanks for a noticable time as you switch pages. Ruins the mood and attention.
    • DONE Minor redesign in progress
      • Moved boxes to LH so sidenotes don't collide
      • Need to tweak widths, sidenotes now collide with main text!
      • Stick DataViz somewhere
      • Make Map box link to full Map rather than RH menu
    • DONE make side graph open/close sticky, not sure how?
    • DONE Sorry sidenotes look heinous when they overlap the sidebar (see AMMDI: nebulosity ) for example).
      • If sidebar didn't scroll, that would partly fix the problem; you could at least see the text which now is irrevocably occluded.
      • Fixed by moving main col to lhs
    • DONE bug when there are multiple italic areas in a block, see end of White Noise
      • Anyway, White Noise is thematically timely and one of the best novels of the late 20th century according to Harold Bloom, who placed it in the tradition of "American comic apocalypses" that includes Melville's The Confidence Man and Thomas Pynchon's Crying of Lot 49. (I guess I'd put Infinite Jest and the work of Philip K Dick in that bucket as well). And it's due to be turned into a movie this year.
    • DONE Looks like search index includes non-displayed text!!! (example: "Elder" matches hidden text at GBG).