• AMMDI is an open-notebook hypertext writing experiment, authored by Mike Travers aka @mtraven. It's a work in progress and some parts are more polished than others. Comments welcome! More.
Incoming links
from Sherry Turkle
  • author of The Empathy Diaries and The Second Self (among others). She's had a long career at MIT as a professor in science and technology studies (STS) and a long-time student of the culture and practices surrounding technology. As an ethnographer of those cultures she has a role as something of a professional outsider and a reputation as a "killjoy" (her term, from the Epilog of The Empathy Diaries); the Skyler White to the bad-boy Heisenbergs of high technology.
from William Burroughs
from goddinpotty/TODOs
  • Have an author tag that adds a byline; then can import other texts and have clear visual indication of authorship (see Marvin Minsky/True Names Afterword for an application).
    • That's for quoting stuff from other sources, but it might also be a feature to support multiple Roam authors. Not an issue for my solo site.
from goddinpotty/TODOs
  • TODO If there are two pages whose names differ only in case (eg author and Author) you end up with broken links, at least if you are going through a case-folding filesystem like MacOS. Should detect and warn user.
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