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from Complice
  • I have a disdain for such things
    Which probably needs explaining, but for now see anti-purpose
    , but I also find myself designing them. That is, I have a lot of trouble managing my various tasks and goals, TODO lists rarely work, and hey, I'm a software guy, I could build something better for myself. Forget building a second brain, what I need is an externalized boss, something that will enable me to finally take charge of myself. See Noodge
from goddinpotty/dynamic-real
  • Yes. Something that you can build application-level stuff on top of (like Noodge).


17 Jul 2022 09:45 - 07 Mar 2023 08:13
Open in Logseq
    • unrealized hack Realized the real cultural referent for this would be Mr. Meesix from Rick and Morty...
      • OK that gives me a new vision – say its a magic Logseq page where every block gets agentified. Would have to be off to the side somehow, but that's OK.
      • Oh man and chatGPT ify them. Fuck. There must be a dozen companies doing something like this, I bet.
      • Um wait no this is the opposite really. A Mr Meesix does what you tell it, we are making agents that will tell YOU what to do.
      • I believe this will have the problem of all to-do lists and time management systems (for me) – I can't stick to them. Hm – or – design with my idionsyncracies in mind. I mean, there are ways to get me to do things, what are they?
        • Note that there is an inherent Ainslie-ish dynamic, like, if it was easy to have persistent goals we'd already be doing it.
      • How is this actually going to work? Take a goal that I don't really want to to do, but know I should. Lots of learning goals are like this, and it never works for me, I resist. How is Noodge going to fix that?
    • agentified todo list, every task gets a little person attached to it, who gets impatient and shouty if something is postponed too long.
    • Every task gets a history, when it was created, when it was ignored
      • this is a good idea that doesn't even require the agent hack
    • Noodger
      • the fundamental object
      • fields
        • text goal
        • history (created, events)
        • mechanics of noodging (feels like it might be a subclass, there might be different versions)
          • schedule
          • priority (not sure about this but need some representation)
          • deadlines
        • display
          • emotional state: panicky, judgemental? No I actually have no idea what to do here, but I want goals to have different personalities somehow.
        • relations: subgoals, etc. This is optional, may leave out of MVP. I think.
          • anthropomorphic: boss, what larger goal this goal answers to. Hm, damn, I kind of hate the hierarchical metaphor. Maybe not boss, maybe there's a collective this goal is part of, it serves a larger interest without force or guilt. Or a Master, in the classical sense. (A Master is a Boss who you actually respect, a model, not an alien overlord).
      • methods
        • tick: look at the clock time and figure out if I need to do anything.
        • notify: generalized notification, could be multimodal, in slack or MacOS notifications or whatever
    • Related
      • I'm sure there must be rationalist-types who have done something like this. Less sure that there are any that agentify individual tasks as opposed to the system as a whole.
      • I should just ask, maybe Malcolm Ocean.
      • I'm sure there are dozens of to-do type applications, this is not that different
    • Notes from oct2014
      • Instead of Superego (what I named my barely-conceived goal-mgt project), how about Coach? Or Gentle Benevolent Noodg? Tickler?
    • MVP
      • something I can use for my own actual goals
      • persistent goals that track their origin time and history and such, have remind frequency, intensity, etc.
      • Interfaces
        • Logseq, although don't want to be overly tied to it. Any text editor. Could be org-mode
        • Calender, Slack etc
        • needs to have mobile UI
        • Actually an alexa UI would make a shit-ton of sense.
    • MVP 2nd cut
      • a text-managed list of goals. Editable in Logseq or Emacs. Noodge/Goals
      • some kind of history / reminder / agency mechanism tied to the goals
      • that's pretty much it!
      • the trick or thing that makes this hard, is that the UI for text and other things are so separataed. I mean, foo.
    • Wild ideas
      • I wonder if you could take pictures of your imprimers (or bosses, wives, coaches, whatever) and apply some AI-transforms to make scaled angry versions. Hah. That would be attention-getting, not sure I would actually want it.
      • OK, UI concept (and I'm being trendy here, very non-MIT-Lisp-guy):
        • personified, in speech and in pictures (see above).
        • But not a canned servant like Siri or Alexa, no, you have to make these artificial bosses yourself.
          • Otherwise it seems like cheating, Hm. Not even sure what I mean. Is there a difference between a canned authority figure and the specific ones you have in your head?
        • You tell it things you want to do, it reminds you about them, ramping up the urgency according to some schedule (customizable)
        • You can wire it up so it pops up every time you goof off, like opening reddit can bring it up.
        • Note: in some sense this is a deliberately terrible interface, the design principles are necessarily opposite to those used for humble tools, this one is supposed to boss you around!
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