Marvin Minsky/Inventive Minds

07 Mar 2022 11:39 - 17 Jun 2023 08:29
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    • I didn't come up with the title but I recognized it as the right one as soon as it was proposed. It perfectly captures an important point that is sometimes lost in talk of constructionism – that any kind of learning is a profoundly creative process and should be recognized as such. You don't learn by passively storing up information in your head; you learn by constructing a personal mental model of a domain, and given the uniqueness of your own situation, that is a necessarily creative and inventive act.
    • Marvin himself was astonishingly inventive; from the confocal microscope to his improvised fugues. In these essays he examines the roots of his own inventiveness and speculates on how education could be redesigned to encourage it in others.kbetter
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