• AMMDI is an open-notebook hypertext writing experiment, authored by Mike Travers aka @mtraven. It's a work in progress and some parts are more polished than others. Comments welcome! More.
Incoming links
from goddinpotty/TODOs
  • TODO Bug with play/Play, maybe alias related
    • May have been caused by Play having "play" as title property. undid that...yes that fixed it, but there is still an underlying problem.
    • Another: search for "goddin", you get a link that doesn't work, Goddinpotty (real link is lowercase)
      • hm, OK on local?
from goddinpotty/TODOs
  • TODO Bug sidenotes in backlinks come out badly, should probably just omit. Example on page Meaningness, there's a backlink from nebulosity (note: thought I fixed this but its still there)
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