Iowa Electronic Markets: a summary

For political horse-race fans, here is a quick overview of the Iowa Electronic Markets:

Republican nomination:

Democractic nomination (note the difference in vertical scale!):

Win in general election:

I'm not sure why I threw this page together, in general I hate horse-race election coverage and am quite sure that nobody I approve of could ever be elected president. Still, I like data, and perhaps the thought of politicians being traded around like so many soybean futures contracts appeals to me. I'll leave this hear unless the Iowa people get pissed at me for hotlinking their charts, in which case I'll take it down.

I am too lazy to sign up to actually trade, but if I wasn't I'd put a small long-shot bet on John McCain who is at 0.20 on 12/26, climbing up sharply. Even though he's batshit insane, like the other Republicans, he's the only one who has even a tiny bit of character and has a chance of being the last man standing after the rest of that sorry crew self-destructs.