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from static-roam tutorial
  • A guide to publishing your own site using static-roam.
    • State: in-progress.
from static-roam/TODOs
from IAnnotate Conference
  • for all notes are part of conversations static-roam not even a little conversational, sigh.
from About
  • All this hypertext goodness is based on Logseq, a newish note-taking tool which I've recently adopted. It's similar to Roam and was started with Roam, but after a brief fling with that I've decided that I can't use it, and Logseq is the best alternative. Because these new hypertext tools are a bit deficient on publishing tools I rolled my own starting from an existing open source project.
from Maps in static-roam
from Roam
  • No real system for publishing or separating out personal notes from more finished text intended for the public (I had to make my own static-roam)


18 Jan 2021 09:43 - 30 Sep 2021 11:50

    • Roam is surprisingly deficient in publishing tools; I guess because their focus is more on note-taking.
    • Aside from Roam and static-roam, the tech relies on:
      • Vega (for graphs and visualizations)
    • Here's a first cut at a static-roam tutorial. Not clear anyone else has tried to run this, but if you do, let me know.
    • Features

      • Roam features supported

        • Most normal formatting, italics, etc.
        • Blockquotes
        • Headers
        • Internal and external links
        • Backlinks and graphs
        • Block references
        • LaTeX
        • TODO TODO items
        • Some types of embedded content (images, youtube videos, twitter)
        • Search (page-level rather than block-level)
      • Roam features unsupported (for now)

        • Drawings (and a probably other kinds of special blocks)
        • Tables