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  • Maps (aka hairballs) are a feature I added to static-roam because it was an interesting hacking and design challenge. I'm only somewhat pleased with the results. It's kind of cool, and it does actually visually express something about my thinking. The problem is, it mainly expresses its chaotic and disordered nature. And it doesn't actually leverage the cognitive powers of spatialization, like a memory palace or conceptual museum.

conceptual museum

06 Jun 2021 11:06 - 06 Jun 2021 11:20

    • There has to be some studies somewhere about this for real museums, who are constantly faced with linked concept architecture / actual architecture problems.
    • The only museum exhibit I can think of that really tried to go the extra mile in mapping their domain was one at the Natural History in New York, where branches of evolutionary trees were laid down in the corridors. But that's somewhat different than mapping a concept-space.